Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected: Find Out The Fallen Transponder

Hi gamers! Are you hungry for a quest in your gaming world? Do you always search for new quests in your video game? Here is the end of all your awaited moments. The Video game Destiny 2 is introducing to you a new quest. Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected is the new quest that you have been waiting for.

It is an exotic quest made only for you during Year 2. The developers of this video game have changed the name of the original Destiny Outbreak Prime to Outbreak Perfected. But, the best part of this version is that this time the quest to a lot easier to finish than before.

The game Destiny 2 Fallen Transponder brings you a lot more new challenges too. You have to solve riddles, go through numerous adventures to reach a new Exotic Fallen item. Therefore, it is better to have some guide of this game with you. In this article, you can have all the guidelines by which you can complete the quest in Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected 2021.

Let’s take a glance at the below points. You will come to know what you are going to read in this article. They all are related to this particular video game. So, get ready to take the challenge.

Outbreak Perfected Quest Steps- How to Reach Destiny 2: Outbreak Perfected

1. Look for the Fallen Transponder

Outbreak Perfected Quest Steps

You need to fly to Titan and begin the Bad Neighbor Heroic Adventure until you find the 1st Shrieker. It will look like a purple giant crystal. After killing it, you need to look at your left, you will find a door written ‘unlocked’ on it. You can also look for the door by patrolling at Tidal Anchor.

You have to go along with the route until you reach the control room. You will see that your route is blocked by Hive. Then you should reach the doorway and you can find the dark and small room with the door on your left that I’ve previously said.

You will see a Hive Knight combatting a fallen captain. You have to kill the Knight and end this section. Then you have to enter the open door and examine the table to look for the fallen transponder.

2. Take back The Six Nodes- Reach Outbreak Perfected Node Locations

  • You have to fly to EDZ and then move towards Drain Lost Sector. You have to kill the Metal Captain. Then you have to keep going until you find a cavern along with fallen flags. You need to enter there and find two boxes with purple sheets. You must go for the 1st node.
  • Move to Whispered Falls Lost Sector. Then you should see to your right and you find a small nook with a green light. You will go for Node 2.
  • Move to Atrium Lost Sector following the path. Walk through the door from the 1st room of fallen. You will see a small alcove with Node 3 behind the pillar.
  •  In the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector, you have to defeat all the enemies. Go to the chest and at the right you will see a small landing in an abandoned building. Here, you can find Node 4.
  • Now, you have to head to Nessus. Here, you have to finish the Carrion Pit Lost Sector go to the chest, and look at your right. There you have to jump in as much as you can. Then you need to turn back. You can see a hidden wall and you have to jump back up. You can see the node 5.
  • Now as for the final node, you have to make your way to the Rit Lost Sector. There, you should find the gigantic red light in the middle area. Now, look to your left and you will find a storage space which is hanging from the ledge. Here is the final node for you. After getting it, you must run to the platform and then jump down until you reach an open side.

3. Solve the Riddles

Now, in the Fallen Transponder, you will see a complicated and long cryptic message that is more like a riddle. Ignore it for now. Go to the Farm. When you reach a social space, you need to turn right. You can see a large barn along with an open cellar. You then have to look for a Fallen Captain whose name is Mitharax.

You have to spare this captain from the quest. You need not speak to the captain for now. You have to collect the best Fire Team. Your team must include more than 690 lights. Therefore, you should go as for now.

4. Combat the Zero Hour Mission

This level gives you 20 minutes to finish. At first, you have to fight with goons. After combatting them, you have to reach a Passage. Here, you must hop down and go under a ship. The ship is at your left. In the middle of all these, you have to go through a linear ventilation shaft.

When you break your 2nd vent, don’t forget to turn right and move to the next platform. You have to make your route outside. There you can find a large yellow crate. You may find this place a bit empty. You need to jump and push yourself into a ledge. You then see a big chasm. You need to jump to the end to find out the exit on the right at the bottom. You can use a switch too.

It will make your platform easier for the team.

You will come across a riddle. It is protected by a killer robot whose name is Trevor. Don’t touch this robot. It will kill you then. You just have to hit 4 switches here. You can see them at the top right, bottom right, bottom left, and top left. What you have to do is send one team member to the left and another to the right. After that, you can jump down

Then, you will go to the Vault and face the boss. It is such a character who changes his behavior at special moments. When you’re at 90% health, he will begin teleporting and you will see a Servitor Shank spawning. You take it out.

You will see two Walker tanks generating at your right and left when you are at 80% health. You have to take those out too. But you have to finish and destroy everything to face the boss. When you destroy everything, you will get Outbreak perfected as your reward.

That’s all. In this section, all the steps of Outbreak Perfected Destiny 2 are well explained. I hope you can get help from this guide.

How To Get Outbreak Perfected Catalyst

The video game Outbreak Perfected is not perfect at all. You may complete the first half of the quest alone. But, the 2nd half, which is the final stage also, is full of intensity and adventure.

How To Get Outbreak Perfected Catalyst

You have to do a lot of practice and some dedicated fire team to finish the stage. To finish the quest, you must reach the catalyst at first. When you want to reach the catalyst, you have to finish the Heroic version of Zero Hour. You only get to reach the Destiny 2 zero hours, when you complete the normal version of the quest.

Now, don’t be too happy. This level increases the difficulty of the combat. Also, the Heroic version of the Zero Hour completely changes the path through the mission.

You have to keep in mind that there was a time when you could not get to Destiny 2 outbreak perfected catalyst beyond light. But in the latest version of the game, it has become available again. As for the players of this game, it remains one of the greatest exotic weapons.

Outbreak Perfected Stats- Statistics Of Item

Here are the item statistics of Outbreak Perfected.

Reloading Speed51

Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Review

1. Performance of PvE: This video game is really good against enemies, especially when it comes to the battle against Taken Thrall and Poisons, it performs well. You will feel consistency while playing this game. The Nanites provide help when you are battling against shielded majors. But it cannot promise you to break every shield.

2. Performance of PvP:  As for the players, they know very well that, Outbreak Perfected is a very strong weapon. This game is wonderful in PvP along with the laser beam-like focus. Especially, players of this video game love to use the capacity of essentially dropping a mini seeker.

How Is Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected? : Reddit

According to the players, this game is incredible to play. As for the action- lovers, this game is really fun. As for the PvE and PvP performance, Outbreak Perfected is a great weapon to use. This game provides stability even without the catalyst. Overall, it is a fun team game to play.

Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected: How Worth It Is?

Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected is worth playing as a whole team. Especially, when you get the catalyst, it increases the Nanite Damage. It also creates additional Nanites.

Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected: How Worth It Is?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you still get outbreak-perfected Destiny 2?
Ans. Yes, you can. This video game still provides the players with Exotic weapons as Outbreak Perfected. There was a time when players could not avail the weapon in the Beyond light. But in the current version, the players of this game can use the weapon again.

Q2. How Good Is Outbreak Perfected?
Ans. Players who are regularly playing Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected, know that this weapon is strong enough to use against the rival gang. As for the PvE performance, this game is great against Taken Thrall and Psions. When it comes to dealing with a boss, you will get the help of all your Nanites at the time of the battle. Therefore, playing Outbreak Perfected is an effective and reliable choice for you.

Q3. What does the outbreak perfectly do?
Ans. Outbreak Perfected is a great weapon that can clear several groups of enemies. With the help of Outbreak Perfected, you can win the battle and finish the quest in much easier ways. The catalyst in this game grants a perk. This perk can increase the SIVA Nanite damage. You have to wait for 5 weeks to gather enough SIVA particulates.

Q4. Is bad juju or outbreak perfected better?
Ans. Well, it is hard for anyone to say which game is better than the other. Some video game lovers like Bad Juju as it includes more fun. Some players love to play Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected as it is more useful than Bad Juju. The specialty of this game is that you can play it with your fire teammates.

The Final Words

The quest in Outbreak Perfected does not take a long time to finish. This online video game is much like the whisper of the Warm Quest. But the thrill it provides to the players is really wonderful. You just have to know all the steps properly.

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