Spring Onion Stardew Valley: The Ultimate Guide

Spring Onions in Stardew Valley are a mystery. A lot of regular players don’t understand how to use them properly. Most of you guys may not even know that you can make profits from them.

In case you are a newbie, let me tell you what spring onions are. Basically, spring onions are foraged items like coconuts or cactus. You can get 3 Foraging XP if you harvest this. Consuming this will also help you restore your energy. Having said that, if you are a gatherer this is not for you.

 In this blog, we will guide you on how to gain maximum profits in Stardew Valley from spring onions.

Exploring the Hidden Gem: Finding Spring Onions in Stardew Valley

Spring onions are naturally found only in the southeast region of Cindersap Forest. This is an island where you can also find the Sewer’s Entrance.

If you want to naturally forage the spring onions, you can get them only in the spring season. But make sure you keep checking the travelling carts. You can occasionally find hundred to one thousand grams of spring onions there.

Sometimes gamers are on the farm side or in Pelican Town. In such cases, you need to move to the south where you will find some wooden bridges. These bridges will lead you to the Cindersap Forest, the home to spring onions.

Make the Best Use of Spring Onions in your Game

Gamers often ignore spring onions in Stardew Valley. There is little to no information available about this dark horse. So, here we bring some uses of the spring onions of Stardew that won’t let you forget them:

Profits through selling and Consuming

spring onion stardew

Stardew Valley sees spring onion as a healthy food just like in real life. You can restore your energy or become healthy by consuming them.

On the other hand, if you are planning to sell them, you better not. They are not as profitable as other forage items.

We are creating a table here breaking down the cost of the spring onion and the amount of health and energy you can gain from it in grams:

QualityPrice (Calculated as Mastery X5)HealthEnergy
Base8g (40g)+5+13
Silver10g (50g)+8+18
Gold12g (60g)+10+23
Iridium16g (80g)+14+33

Gifting Spring Onions to Villagers

Sadly, no one likes spring onions in Stardew Valley. Only Leah, Harvey and Linus accept spring onions as a gift, but they won’t be happy. You can get a social boost though if you gift them. So, it’s a cheap way to gain your social boost.

Complete the Bundles

Spring Onions in Stardew is one of the options to complete the remixed Spring Foraging Bundles. You can use them to complete your bundle inside the Crafts room of the Community Centre.

Chance to Tailor a Cool Spring Shirt

You can sew a piece of cloth with a piece of spring onion in the sewing machine and create a beautiful shirt. This is a cool feature you get in-game later on.

How to Farm Spring Onions in Stardew Valley Efficiently?

  • Start harvesting at the beginning of the game itself: You will be starting the game in the spring season. So, begin harvesting spring onions from the beginning itself. This item can be naturally farmed only in the spring.
  • Choose a Four Corners Farm: A four corners farm will give you a little bit of everything. You can get every type of farming land to harvest a lot of different crops. You can easily harvest spring onions as one of them and get the profits.
  • Plants the spring onions in 3×3 grids: Planting the crops in 3×3 grids will help you to place the sprinklers. You may not get the sprinklers initially. In level 2 they will be unlocked after that use them so that your plants become healthier.
  • Do the basics of harvesting with proper care: Players often get so involved in collecting new items that they forget the basics. Do not forget to cover all the steps of farming properly. Till the land, plant the spring onion seeds and water the plants. This will give you healthy spring onions. It will be easier for you to restore energy through them.
  • Place Scarecrows on your Farming land: The scarecrows in Stardew Valley help you to protect your crops. If you don’t keep scarecrows on your farm, you may risk losing some spring onions. Spring onions don’t earn that much money themselves. Losing a bunch of them will not even give you the necessary energy.


Ques1 Who likes Spring Onion started?

Out of all the villagers only Harvey, Liah and Linus like Spring Onions. They are the only ones who will receive spring onions as gifts in Stardew.

Ques2 How do you harvest Spring Onion Stardew?

You can find spring onions as foraged items in Stardew Valley. After that, if you want to harvest them, cut the roots of the spring onions by two to three centimetres. Plant the roots in a tub with potting soil. Keep the stems above the ground a little bit. After the spring onion roots are planted properly with the stems above the ground, keep watering them properly.

Ques3 Does spring onion regrow after cutting?

After the spring onions in Stardew Valley fully grow, you can keep the roots under the soil. Snip them from above the ground. The roots will regrow four more times in this process.

Ques4 What is the highest-selling crop Stardew spring?

Strawberries are the highest-selling crop in Stardew Valley during the spring season. Collect the strawberry seeds and use them best in the spring season.