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Instagram Shadowban: What’s It And How To Fix It-

Facing IG shadowban? Or confused to a question- what exactly an Instagram shadowban is? Well, we can help you here with everything that you should know about this shadowban along with some best ways to identify and fix it.

When you notice that the hashtags that you added to the captions or comments of your posts aren’t showing up then this means you are “Shadowban” by Instagram.

Instagram, now has started removing hashtags by Shadowbanning users for a number of different reasons. Actually, in shadowban, it restricts some people’s posts so they don’t show up for hashtags when searched or in their followers’ feeds.

And yes the only way left for your followers or people to see your posts is by searching your name and visiting your actual profile when a post is shadowbanned.

Imagine how devastating this Instagram shadowban is for your account. However, with the best ways and tips you can fix this issue and after knowing the cause easily prevent it from happening.

So, here’s all that you should need to know about the shadow banning meaning and its fix. But before having a dip right in, just have a very quick overview of the content-

Table Of Content-
What Causes This Instagram Shadowban?
How To Check If You’re Shadowbanned Or Not?
How To Remove The Instagram Shadowban?
Final Words-

What Causes This Instagram Shadowban?

Recently, Instagram banned a number of hashtags. It’s a clear note from IG that using any of these hashtags are strictly prohibited on their platform and will lead to shadowban. 

Instagram Shadowban
Instagram Shadowban

If you use those hashtags or have used them earlier in a caption for a post, then your post isn’t going to be shown for any hashtags and not even pop up on your followers’ feeds.

For example, #Snapchat is not allowed on Instagram and you cannot use this hashtag in comments or captions. That means if you use this hashtag then the algorithm will catch this and mark you as “Shadowban.” 

Well, the clear list is not revealed by IG but there are many other common terms that you might even use as hashtags are all banned. For example #pushups, #alone, #brain are among the list of banned hashtags by Instagram.

In fact, these are just a few of the most common hashtags apart from these there are many other banned hashtags on Instagram that one should never use in their comments or posts.

Well, many of you might not be aware that using any of these banned hashtags can result in a permanent I’d ban.  Yes, you heard it right your Instagram’s Community Guidelines says they can ban you permanently if their algorithm finds that you are using these even after getting shadowban.

How To Check If You’re Shadowbanned Or Not?

Well, it’s pretty simple to have an Instagram shadowban check, if your latest post has been hit by the Instagram Shadowban or not with these few simple steps. These are-

Instagram Shadowban
  1. First, you have to create a new post on Instagram using your intended hashtags.
  1. After this, tell a few of your friends or followers to search those hashtags through their accounts. They now have to find your post on the “recent posts” page.

If they find your recent post with that hashtag then fortunately you weren’t Shadowban.

If they are unable to find your recent post with that hashtag then unfortunately you have been shadowban for violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Now, you know the cause and how to spot if you are Shadowban or not through the above lines where we define shadowbanned very clearly. The next is-

How To Remove The Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram Shadowban
Instagram Shadowban

1. Remove All Third-party Apps  Software Having Your Instagram Access

Before removing you have to check which apps or websites have your IG account access. For this, just follow these few simple steps-

  • First, sign in to your Instagram account on the desktop.
  • Now, from the main page go to “Settings.”
  • From the Settings menu look for “Apps and Websites” option, tap it.
  • In this list, you will notice all potentially questionable apps and websites previously asked for access to your IG account. Remove them all.

If this method didn’t work out try this one-

2. Cease Or Remove All Bots Automation Or Engagement Pods-

This is the case when you are using any bot or engagement pods to increase your reach. In the old days, people used these systems to edit IG algorithms and boost their engagement.

But later Instagram looked after this and enhanced their algorithm to a very sophisticated one. And nowadays where you think you can cheat IG have gone.

The recent update in IG’s Terms and Conditions says only organic ways to grow your engagement will be accepted.

3. Avoid Using Banned Hashtags-

Using any banned hashtags can cause this shadowban and avoiding these hashtags in the caption or comments is a must. But recently Instagram also has blacklisted many other hashtags in 2021. And for sure many of us are not aware of these freshly blacklisted ones

Instagram Shadowban

So, it’s better to check whether the hashtag we are going to use is blacklisted or what before using it. For example, when a mass number of people use the same hashtag at once, Instagram suddenly marks it as blacklisted, like thanksgiving on Christmas.

That means people using the blacklisted hashtags even after being are going to be affected and have a high chance to get Shadowban.

4.  Avoid Using Repetitive Or Irrelevant Hashtags Again And Again-

As we said, the updated Instagram’s algorithm in 2021 is highly sophisticated and it’s almost impossible to outsmart it.

Instagram Shadowban
Instagram Shadowban

In case you are using any irrelevant hashtags, or using the same hashtags again and again then there’s a very high chance that your ID will be hit by Instagram Shadowban.

Instead, do this:

Make sure you use only highly relevant hashtags that are even related to the content you are posting. Avoid using generic hashtags like #alone #love, #sad #happy, et cetera in your post.

Also, avoid using hashtags in the comments section.


This is pretty simple; you will not be able to edit hashtags used in comments. When you get hit by Instagram shadowban, the only option available at that particular time is to delete the entire comment and nothing else. This deletes the hashtag used but can be seen when the same hashtag is searched.

On the other hand, if you use hashtags only in post captions, then there will be an option available to remove it in case IG hits a shadowban.

5. Contact Instagram Support Through Their Support Page-

If any of the above-mentioned methods do not work and you are tired of using any other than having contacted the IG will be a better choice. It’s pretty simple to request your query with the support team using the support option available in the IG app.

Instagram Shadowban

And don’t think they will take days to reach you back. Instagram has a very active support team where you won’t have to be stuck with your mailbox, all your queries will be answered over the chat.

Confused, what to say? Here’s what you need to write-

Just mention that your followers are unable to see your post and even they aren’t able to find you through the search. Make things as they appear as a bug. 

Note- Make sure you don’t mention that you are under a shadowban or suspect of being so. Just explain how this bug is affecting your business and hampering your brand.

6. Avoid Making Comments And DMing Number Of Accounts At Once-

Remember, everything you do on Instagram is being watched. Yes, you heard it right, Instagram shadowban has an advanced algorithm that detects spam or any robotic activity.

The IG Shadowban marks your account suspicious if you make 40 comments in 1 hour.

Also, there’s a case when you send a huge number of DMs all at once then probably Instagram could detect your activity as betting or promoting services using any third-party app then you can be mistakenly punished.

Simple, act like a human, don’t perform such activities that seem like you are a bot. 

7. Avoid Illegal Activities That Increase Your “Report” Counts-

Yes, being reported by a number of users can be subjected to a shadowban. In case your account or your comments get reported by a large number of users frequently can result in this ban.

Well, not only Shadowban, continuous reports can even ban you permanently from the platform.

That’s all about Instagram Shadowban and its 7 best fixes. Now, it’s time to check out some common-


How Long Does Twitter Shadowban Last?

Shadowban on Twitter for violating any of Twitter’s Community Guidelines typically last 14 days. As you know, using any banned hashtag on Instagram or Twitter will result in a shadowban where your post will be removed and even not appear when searched with the same hashtag you used.

Well, the good thing is that this ban is not permanent and if you are worried whether am I shadowbanned Twitter then let me remind you with a few simple methods you can fix and avoid this, that we have already mentioned above.

How To Know If You’re Shadowbanned On Instagram?

The best way to check if you are Shadowban or not is by simply searching the post using the hashtag you added, this has to be repeated 3/4 times after an interval of 5 minutes. It’s said that this method should be tried with at least three to five non-follower accounts. In case the post does not appear then IG has shadowbanned your post.

Can You Be Permanently Shadowbanned?

Well, a big NO to this. If you are Shadowban then the maximum day count could be 14 and not more than that. However, a report says that many Instagram IDs have been blocked permanently for continuously using the banned hashtags ignoring the warning note.

How To Fix My Shadowban On Instagram?

As said, the ban is not permanent and will be automatically removed by Instagram after 14 days. But if you want this to be fixed immediately then here are few simple ways to do It-

  • Remove All Third-party Apps  Software Having Your Instagram Access
  • Cease Or Remove All Bots Automation Or Engagement Pods-
  • Avoid Using Banned Hashtags-
  • Avoid Using Repetitive Or Irrelevant Hashtags Again And Again-
  • Contact Instagram Support Through There Support Page-
  • Avoid Making Comments And DMing Number of Accounts At Once-
  • Avoid Illegal Activities That Increase Your “Report” Counts-

How can I Find Hidden Or Banned Hashtags?

Well, many of us don’t know this and after the new guidelines, this is something very important to check before making any post. To check if the hashtag you are going to use is banned simply search it and then tap the ‘Recent’ option. If a message pops up that the posts are hidden instead of any post with the hashtag in its caption then it means you’ve searched for a banned hashtag.

Final Words-

As you know there are no shortcuts when you want to grow on Instagram. This means if you want your post to catch a huge audience then using good and related hashtags are a must.

However, IG’s new policy says using any of the banned hashtags can result in Instagram Shadowban. But after this, you must now be clear about what does shadowbanned means and how to fix it. In case you have any questions left out, do let us know in the comments below.

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