Octopus Stardew Valley: The Ultimate Guide

Octopus in Stardew Valley is a fish. Along with Stonefish, they are the ones that can be caught using a fishing rod and you can eat them only in a recipe.

These are some red-coloured molluscs that are approximately 12 to 49 inches in length. You can catch them with your fishing hook. But, the difficulty score of catching an octopus is 95.

They are found on the beaches and the oceans of the Ginger Islands. You can catch the octopuses in any season at any time of the day using a Magic Bait.

 This blog will give you all the information about an octopus in Stardew Valley.

Tracking Down Octopus in Stardew Valley

There are many ways to find an octopus in Stardew Valley. Many full-time gamers also don’t know all the possible ways.

You will find Octopus naturally in Pelican Town Beach or the Ocean of Ginger Island.

If you are looking for them to catch them, the Octii are present on the Beach south of Pelican Town by the Stone Bridge. You can catch them for free in the summer from early morning to noon.

You can also find octopuses on the beach during the night market. There is very little chance of 2.2% catching an octopus in a deep sea submarine ride during this time.

In the oceans of Gineger island, you can find the Octopus in any season.

How to Get an Octopus in Stardew Valley?

Octopuses in Stardew Valley are challenging to catch. Plan properly after your basic requirements are met.

 If you are wondering how to catch an octopus in Stardew you can follow this strategy. Try to hook the octopuses on the first try without a delay. For this, use an iridium fishing rod with proper bait like raw fish or else some trap or a cork bobber. 

In addition, you may also find them randomly in the garbage cans in summer. You can also buy them for 450 to 1000 gold coins from the travelling cart.

Advantages of getting an Octopus in Stardew

 Here’s how you can use octopuses in Stardew Valley:

Leverage them in a Quest

octopus stardew

You can encounter two cases where you will be asked for  octopuses in a quest:

●     Villagers Willy and Demtrius can randomly request up to 4 octopuses. This happens only in summer. You can find them requesting on the “Help Wanted” board outside of Pierre’s General Store for a reward of 150 gold coins per octopus.

●     You can be randomly rewarded 450 gold coins and 150 friendship points for an octopus. You can find this request on the “Help Wanted” board outside of Pierre’s General Store.

Consume them in a Recipe

Recipe NameRecipe DescriptionIngredients NeededEnergy Restored/ Health GainedSourcesSelling Price
SashimiAny raw fish sliced into piecesAny fish including Octopus (1)75 Energy33 HealthVillager Linus will cook it75 gold coins
Maki RollA mix of fish and rice wrapped inside seaweedSeaweed (1)Rice (1 bowl)Any fish including Octopus (1)100 Energy45 HealthVillager Stardrop Saloon gives it for 300 gold coinThe Queen of Sauce does it on the 21st day of summer in the 1st year220 gold coins
Quality FertiliserIncreases the chance to grow quality crops. You need to mix it into the tilled soilSap (2)Any fish including Octopus (1)NAIt can be found while farming in level 910 gold coins


You can sew a blue buttoned vest using an octopus. The vests can be dyed too.


If you put the octopuses in a fish pond, they will start to reproduce. Every 4 days there will be a new octopus. But the problem is that the pool’s capacity is for 3 fish but you can increase it to 10 by completing 3 quests.

You will mainly get Octopus Roe, but there is a probability of getting Omni Geodes from population 9 onwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1- What are the tips for catching octopus in Stardew Valley?

The most efficient way to catch an octopus is to wait till you reach fishing level 10. After that use an iridium fishing rod and attach a trap or a cork bobber to the fishing rod, also, try to consume food that provides a fishing buff.

Ques2- What is the best bait to catch an octopus?

In Stardew Valley octopuses are attracted to fresh raw fish. Use them near the shores of the ocean strategically to maximise your chances.