How To Make A Chest in Terraria- An Easy Guide to Make Your Storage Space In Terraria

Hi, gamers! Do you have an attraction for the action-adventure sandbox games? If yes, Terraria just fits perfect for you. Released at first for Microsoft Windows, this online action-adventure game has gained its popularity on many other platforms How to Make a Chest in Terraria.

Now that you are a regular player of Terraria, you must know about the chests that you can use to store your items in Terraria while playing the game. And if you are new to this game, and you do not know, my suggestion is to you that you don’t have to be worried too much.

Today, in this article, I will share with you, while you are in the game.  

So, if you want to make a chest in Terraria, you should read this article very attentively.

Terraria Chest Recipe- How Can You Create A Chest In Terraria?

You see, a chest in Terraria is very important for the players. As a player of an action-adventure game like Terraria, you have to store several different weapons and valuable items that you have collected so far in the game.

How To Make A Chest in Terraria

You need a safe place for that. A chest in Terraria will do the work for you.

In a chest, you can keep all your weapons and valuable things, while you are playing the game. In Terraria, a chest has the capacity of holding up to 40 items.

You can craft several types of chests in Terraria.  All the chests you make in Terraria has a similar function. 

A wooden chest in Terraria requires eight kinds of wood. You can collect any type of wood.  in this section of the article, you will find the process of making a wooden chest in Terraria.                   

Terraria Chest Crafting- How To Build A Wooden Chest In Terraria

You see, crafting a wooden chest in Terraria is quite a simple process. You just need to collect some materials and then go along with the steps.

Terraria Chest Crafting
Terraria Chest Crafting

Materials You Need to Collect

See how you can craft a wooden chest while you are playing the game.

You will need:

  • 8 woods
  • 2 Iron or Lead Bars
  • Workbench

Wondering where you can find these things? You can collect wood by cutting trees. You need to have an axe for that. You can get plenty of wood by chopping trees.

You can dig under the ground to gather some iron or leads.

When you are about to make iron or lead bars, you have to craft a furnace for that. But you have to remember that you should use the iron bars or the lead bars interchangeably, according to the things you generate in your world.

The Process- How To Build The Chest

  • At first, you can begin the process by finding out a natural cave. If you can’t, try to dig under the ground until you reach to some iron or lead. Usually, the irons or the lead is situated very close to the ground. Therefore, you don’t have to dig very deep to find them.
  • The second step you have to do is to try to gather at least 6 iron or lead ore. In order to craft the furnace for making the bars, you need 20 stones as well. Therefore, you also have to collect enough stones when you are making the mine for the ore.
  • As for the 3rd step, you should stand just beside a workbench. You then need to craft the furnace. You will need 3 torches, 4 woods along with 20 stones to craft the furnace.
  • Once your furnace is ready, you have to stand beside it and smelt the ores into bars.
  • Once you are done with crafting the two iron or lead bars, you can go for making the chest. You will need two iron or led bars and 8 woods to make the chest in Terraria.
  • The next will be quite simple for you. You just have to stand next to the workbench and then you should look for the chest icon.

That is all you have to do when you are about to craft a chest in Terraria. You can now keep your chest near the crafting station.

Do remember that you will need 2×2 tiles to place in the chest. After that, you can store the valuable items on the wooden platforms. You can then access them very easily.  

Terraria: Chest Sorting

Tip for You:  Terraria auto chest is a feature of this action-adventure game, which provides you with the quick deposits of the items to the nearby chest you have.

How To Make A Chest in Terraria

Well, sorting the items in the chest is a challenging task indeed. But if you know the exact order, it will be very simple for you. You can sort you by the order mentioned below.

  • Portions
  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Vanity
  • Dyes
  • Crafting Stations
  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Mechanics
  • Mob Drops
  • Nature
  • Ores
  • Blocks
  • Buildings
  • Fish
  • Fishing Tools
  • Furniture
  • Statues
  • Banners

Shadow Chest: Terraria

It is a storage space that you can find only in the underworld. You can see it on the top or in the Ruin houses. You will need a shadow key to open the shadow chests.


How To Make A Chest in Terraria

You can also open a shadow chest with a pickaxe or a drill.

You have to have 10 wires and a heavy workbench in order to craft a shadow chest. You can place Lifeforce and Teleportation Portion in the Shadow Chests.                              

Terraria: Heavy Workbench- What Are Its Functions?

You can use the heavy workbench in Terraria to craft stones and tiles of sandstones, copper and tin plating, number and letter statues, living beings. You can also make chests in Terraria by using the heavy workbench.        So you see, heavy workbenches in Terraria are so important for you as a player.                                    


  • How do I use a chest in Terraria?

You can use the chest in Terraria as a storage space.     A chest in Terraria has the capacity of holding 40 stacks of items at one time.  A chest is basically a public storage platform. As a player, you can gather chests by using a standard pickaxe or a drill. A chest in Terraria can keep all your items safe.                    

  • How do you craft a chest?       

You will need two iron or lead bars and 8 kinds of wood to craft a chest in Terraria. You just have to stand beside the workbench and find out the chest icon. That is how you can craft a chest in Terraria. You can keep your chest near to your crafting stations. You can then use anything from your chest to craft anything.                                

  • How do you make a water chest in Terraria?

A water chest is a kind of chest that you can find out in underwater in any biome.  But that is a rare case actually.  In most cases, you can mark the oceans for getting a water chest in Terraria.                                    

  • What do you need for chests in Terraria?

As you are playing an action-adventure game like Terraria, you need to have enough things or items in your inventory. You will need a safe place to keep all your articles in Terraria while you are playing the game. That is why you need a chest. A chest in Terraria can keep all the items safe and unbreakable. 

To Sum It Up

Terraria is offering you a lot of features that you can use as a player in this game. Chests in Terraria is one of them.  You just have to use it rightly. That’s all.

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