How Hard Is It To Learn QuickBooks?

If you will ask any random person about the best accounting software, maximum will answer QuickBooks. No matter whether you are a computer or internet literate and want to make big in your career, QuickBooks will always help you for sure.

It can make your life much easier than expected. Only thing you have to do is to ace in it.

One thing to keep in mind is that learning QuickBooks is a steep learning curve.

The most common question which we came across are:

  • Can we apply for accounting jobs through QuickBooks?

Yes, you can apply for job too just by having QuickBooks in your skills.

  • How hard is QuickBooks to learn?

Don’t worry. Learning QuickBooks is not very hard. It completely depends on your performance and knowledge in device you are operating with. Apart from these, you need computer software management, time and money. 

What is QuickBooks?

First of all, we have to understand what QuickBooks exactly is.

There is many accounting software available. But QuickBooks are still seen as bright and shiny software which it was many years ago. 

In short, it is an accounting package for small to medium size businesses. If you are under accounting, managerial or administrative position

Now, roll the introduction and get to know more about it.

How easy is it to learn QuickBooks? 

How Hard Is It To Learn QuickBooks?

It is a common question of every QuickBooks learner. It would not be wrong to say that the difficulty level of learning QuickBooks completely depends on:

  • How much knowledge do you have in accounting concept?
  • What do you know about accounting software? 
  • Which version of QuickBooks you are using?

How long does it take to learn QuickBooks? 

How Hard Is It To Learn QuickBooks?

We will recommend you to join an offline class to learn it. It can be anticipated you can complete the course in 1 day to 6-8 weeks but fluctuations depend on:

  • Software version.
  • Amount of data you need to handle.
  • Which feature of QuickBooks you are using.
  • How much you are familiar with QuickBooks.
  • Which programme you choose.

Normally, it takes only 2-3 hours if you complete it in one sitting. Having advanced knowledge of QuickBooks will add on as your time saviour. You just have to get passed with passing marks. If you have basic skills, whole process can go up to 1 day too.

So, get ready and roll on!

Why does learning QuickBooks on your own help?

How Hard Is It To Learn QuickBooks?

If you are a working professional and don’t have much time to go to offline coaching centre and learn QuickBooks, then there is no need to worry about.

You can also learn QuickBooks (available in both online and desktop version) by sitting at home at your own comfort. By learning the listed things:

  • How to manage invoice and sales:

Having track of sales per client. QuickBooks can make generation of Accounts Receivable Aging Reports much easier.

  • How to track bills and expenses:

Your employer will connect to the business bank and credit card to link the QuickBooks account. Accounts Payable Report will continuously remind you when and where you have to pay your bills.

  • How to do reporting?

QuickBooks can make the reporting much easier. As in Profit and Loss Report, it gives the idea of how profitable the business is. And Balance Sheet shows the position of the firm.

  • How to manage payroll?

QuickBooks helps to know what amount to pay to the employees and handle federal and payroll taxes. 

These are the benefits which can surely make you learn QuickBooks by your own.

How can I learn QuickBooks for free? 

Learning QuickBooks free online is very famous these days. Every other finance student wants to learn it to get hike in their career by learning new accounting software and make the work life easier.

Do you come under the list?

If yes, then here are some best ways from which you can learn QuickBooks free of cost:

  • QuickBooks tutorials

The makers of QuickBooks- Intuit, has dropped down some free tutorials for small and medium sized business that is very useful for the accountants.

  • QuickBooks learning centre

You can directly approach to the Learning centre of Intuit to get free videos in multiple languages. 

  • QuickBooks

This site mostly focusses on the paid training options but it also provides free courses to them who are willing to learn. 

You can also get the webinars on particular subjects like taxes and finance over there.

It will be the icing on the cake!

  • QuickBooks training

This is the second site that focusses on the paid option but also provides the free tutorials for their students.

  • Fit Small Business

Divided into seven chapters, FSB provides heavy information in small chunks that is easily understandable by the students.

There are how-to videos that will help you to figure out

  1. How to manually enter credit card details.
  2. How to handle bounced cheques.
  3. How to run accounts payable aging report.
  • GCF Learn free

It is the most famous platform to learn QuickBooks free of cost. It also helps to install QuickBooks in any device whether it is tab or desktop or laptop.

  • Dummies

Everyone knows Dummies for its quality content and vast information. But only few knows that it also provides information and articles free of cost.

  • Udemy

A large-scale learning platform, having thousands of paid and free classes. 

You can also go through the reviews of other students to decide whether to take the course or not. This option is available in few courses only.

  • Better Bottom Line

BBL is loaded with a lot of PDF guides and tutorials that focus more on information and less on surplus. 

  • Linkedin Learning

Linkedin is not technically free but you can get 30 days free trial where you can get a lot of QuickBooks training free of cost. 

After the trial period ends, you have to purchase the subscription to renew your account.

Now, just drop down in comment section that how are you going to learn QuickBooks so that we can make more detailed articles on this particular topic.

QuickBooks tutorial 2019 

While exploring the internet, we came across a video which covers QuickBooks basics tutorial. Here is the link to QuickBooks tutorial for dummies which they can refer if you are a complete fresher. 

This is the video by Simon Sez IT which covers QuickBooks basic course in just extensive 3 hours and assures you that you will get ease in getting started with QuickBooks online. This is the perfect video course if you are looking to learn QuickBooks Online.

Is QuickBooks certification worth it 

If you are an employee and working in a small enterprise but want to have hiked in your career in accountancy and finance, then having QuickBooks certification is totally worth it. 

After having certification in QuickBooks, it can surely reassure your boss that you are an asset to their business. Having certificate can show your credibility as accountant or bookkeeper. Having it, you can also apply in top MNCs.

So good it is!

Having certificate in QuickBooks can demonstrate that you can:

  • Can make you expert in QuickBooks basic features.
  • Tells you how to do bookkeeping, sales and payroll in QuickBooks.
  • Teaches how to use QuickBooks in advance and complex situations.

We have observed that having certification in QuickBooks will be an investment in your finance career. It is important to have at least basic knowledge about QuickBooks.

QuickBooks online certification cost

Must be thinking about how much investment does QuickBooks demands?

We can totally relate that cost plays a major role in deciding whether to have course or not. It is also felt that paid courses will have better quality content then free courses. 

So, it is common question of all that, “Is it worth it of having QuickBooks training?”. 

And along with the cost, time also plays major role.

Some courses are lengthy and can cost you 1000s. But is also seen that adding on new skills into their vitae will give them hike in career. So, if we ignore the money factor, it will surely act as investment in your career.

Drop down that are you going to have QuickBooks course? If yes, then from where? 


In short, we can sum up that QuickBooks is an accounting software which can give ace to your accounting career. Its difficulty level depends on you prior knowledge about computer, internet, and basic accounting. 

You can do free as well as paid course depends upon in which you are more comfortable. 

So, get certified and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to get notifications regarding our future articles. 

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