How Do You Make A Barrel In Minecraft?

A pro gamer? Madly in love with playing online video games? Then you must have heard about the famous online video game Minecraft.

Minecraft provides the players with millions of features that you will surely fall in love with. Barrels in Minecraft are one of them. As a regular player of this famous online video game, you must know about almost all the features that Minecraft has. Also, you know how to make them. But, if you are a newcomer to Minecraft, you might not know all the recipes of Minecraft.

That is why you might want to know how to make a barrel in Minecraft. Like the chests in Minecraft, you can use the barrels as a storage space. But before knowing the barrel Minecraft recipe, you need to know what exactly a barrel is in Minecraft and how it is different from a chest.

You need to know all this because you have to have proper knowledge about the game you are playing. Above all, you don’t want to face any trouble in the middle of the game. Isn’t it? Therefore, this article will be your guide for barrel recipes in Minecraft. So, what are you waiting for? Read and find out.

How To Craft A Barrel In Minecraft- Make An Alternate Storage Space In Minecraft

As I have mentioned earlier, at the very stage, you have to know what a barrel is. You see, there is a variety of storage spaces available in Minecraft. You can use them as a player. You can say that the barrel is the alternative storage space for the chests.

How Do You Make A Barrel In Minecraft?

A barrel works like a Jobsite block for the villagers who are fishermen by their profession in Minecraft. But the best part about the barrels is that they do not need an open area above them to open them. Also, the users can place the barrels sideways or right side up. The barrels can perform normally in Minecraft.

How Can You Make The Barrels In Minecraft?

Well, you need certain things while you are about to craft a barrel as a player. You can’t just pick random things and make a barrel. First, I will tell you what materials you will need to make a barrel in Minecraft. Also, see the barrel recipe in Minecraft bedrock.

You need two different recipes for making barrels in Minecraft. It depends on the version on which you are playing Minecraft. The versions are The Java Edition and The Bedrock Edition.

Things you need when you are making a barrel:

For Java Edition:

6 Wooden Planks
2 Wooden Slabs

For Bedrock Edition:

6 Sticks
2 Wooden Slabs

So the basic difference between The Java and The Bedrock Edition is that you need 6 wooden planks for the Java Edition and 6 sticks for the Bedrock Edition. As for the case of wooden slabs, they are the same for both two editions.

You can select any type of wood. As for the results, all the barrels will look the same. There will be no difference.

Steps For Crafting The Barrels In Minecraft:

It is quite easy to craft a barrel in Minecraft. The recipe for barrels in Minecraft is cheaper than of the chests. Very easily, you can avail the materials that you need for making barrels in Minecraft. You can get wood by chopping the trees. Once you gather all the wood, you can transfer them into planks.

As for the bedrock edition, you can transfer the planks into sticks. Now see carefully how you can make the barrels in Minecraft.

  • You have to save some wooden planks for the slabs. For making slabs, just make a row of the crafting menu.
  • As for the Java edition, you can make the sides of the crafting table with wooden planks. As for the bedrock edition, do the same with the sticks.
  • Now you have to fill the bottom idle and the top middle portion with the wooden slab.
  • As for the Java edition, you have to change the sticks with wooden planks for crafting the barrel.

That’s it. Your barrel is ready. Move it to your inventory.

Simple Barrels Mod- What Is It?

How Do You Make A Barrel In Minecraft?

They are a very convenient mode by which you can overcome most of the storage problems that you are facing while playing Minecraft. In Minecraft, most of the time you have to discard too many blocks just because you do not have enough storage space. This can set you backward in the game.

But you don’t need to worry about storage when you have Simple Barrels with you. This can solve almost 90% of the problems with those barrels. Therefore, you must have those barrels with you while you are playing Minecraft.

Minecraft Barrel Vs Chest: The Difference Between The Two

How Do You Make A Barrel In Minecraft?

A barrel is much better when you are comparing it with the chests. Barrels are storage spaces that are quite easy to make. You can place the barrels under a solid block. But you can still open them. But you can’t do the same with the chests. Also, unlike the chests in Minecraft, you can carry the barrels with you. Also, you can’t expand the barrels like the chests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does A Barrel Do In Minecraft?
Ans. In Minecraft, barrels are working as single chests. But, they do not need to be restricted. Or they do not require a block of air on it to open them. With barrels, a wall can easily be filled for extra storage space. The villagers in Minecraft, who are fishermen by profession, use the barrels as the job site block for them. They use it as fishers and buy or sell fish for the emeralds.

Q2. Are Barrels Better Than Chests?
Ans. Of course, they are better than the chests. It is more suitable and appropriate when you are comparing it with that of the chests. The recipe for barrels is quite easier than making chests. Also, you can the barrels if some blocks are placed directly over them. You can carry the barrels too.

Q3. Can You Carry A Barrel With Items In Minecraft?
Ans. Of course, you can. A barrel is itself a way of transporting items. Even when you are traveling, you need to have the fear that the contents are spilling inside. You can transport any item in the barrels. It can be easily carried. You can keep the barrels sideways too.

Q4. When Did Minecraft Add Barrels?

Ans. Well, it is update 1.9. Minecraft has added barrels to it as a feature when it comes to Update 1.9.

Q5. What Can You Put In A Barrel In Minecraft?
Ans. You can put many of your necessary things in the barrels. Also, you can the barrels with water by a bucket and by the rain.

Final Words

Making barrels in Minecraft is quite easy. It is cheaper too. Now that you know everything about it. Go ahead. Happy Gaming.

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