Know-How To See My Google Reviews

Know-How To See My Google Reviews

Google, the world’s most prominent search engine, is the most often used platform for customer reviews. From Google, you may find advice, content information, and much more, in addition to customer reviews.

Even if you have a genuine business or location, people who search for directions to your area on Google Maps will have the opportunity to make comments and read previous evaluations.

So, if you are worried about it, why my Google reviews is not showing up on the search page? Then follow the article to know how to see my Google reviews.

How To See My Google Reviews

What Happens When You Respond To Write A Google Review?

Until you remove the Google reviews I’ve written, it will appear on Google Maps. After your review has been published, you will have the ability to update it and make changes to the rating and photographs you have included in your review.

Instead, learn how to submit a picture update to your social media accounts.

Why Am I Unable To Access My review on Google?

Your review was most likely filtered or deleted for breaching Google’s moderated review policy; Google censors a tiny number of reviews based on factors such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

What Should I Write In a Review?

  • Provide helpful input that is valuable.
  • Discuss a variety of topics, including customer service.
  • Be precise, precise, and candid.
  • Links and personal information should be omitted.
  • Maintain a courteous tone.
  • You are welcome to amend your review if necessary.
  • Verify that you have the correct domain name or corporation.

Why Can’t I View My Google Reviews? 

  • Google queues reviews, and it may take several days before the composer may read and modify the material.
  • By sharing such evaluations, you may assist other shoppers. You can now see how many people read your reviews.
  • Navigate to Your Contributions on Google Maps and hit on reviews.
  • You can see the total number of people who have seen and liked your reviews at the top of the screen.
  • One indication that there is a delay is that you see multiple reviews, but the overall number is less.

There are a few possible explanations for why can’t I view my Google reviews-

The client did not leave a review – Some customers may not have a Google account and will abandon their current activity when prompted to get one.
Incorrect spelling and grammar – Google’s help centre may filter out reviews with incorrect spelling and grammar.

What Happened to My Google Reviews?

If you discover that Google has deleted a review, it has been permanently deleted.

You can see some of the reasons for their Google review deletion. Here are a few of the ways Google users discover their reviews are missing.

  • URLs inside the review – a URL will assist in initiating a review for removal if the system believes it is spam.
  • Phone numbers in reviews – any phone number in a review is a red flag for spam, and it may cause the system to delete the review. Another method of removing a review from Google is to provide an email address.
  • Reviews in other locations – if you only have reviews on Google My Business and none elsewhere, the system may erase your review due to spam or excessive coaching. customers
  • Duplicates – if a review is identical in another region, it may be deleted from Google My Business.
  • Managers’ reviews – Any review created by a Google account manager is subject to removal. Customers should post only positive reviews.
  • IP address – If you get a review from the same IP address as you, this may activate the spam filter. Similarly, if the review was submitted from a remote location, this may contribute to the system deleting the review.

Where Can I See My Google Reviews?

  • Open Google Maps on your PC.
  • In the upper left-hand corner, click the menu.
  • Please choose your contributions. To see the locations for which you have left reviews, click Reviews. To receive recommendations for review locations, click Contribute.
  • To share a review, hit Share at the bottom of the review.

Why My Google Are Reviews Not Showing?

These are why my Google reviews are not showing up, and perhaps they will help you avoid missing out on any possible client reviews or boosts to your website traffic in a local region.

Most likely, there is a problem with the review itself to make Google reviews not showing; thus, here is a list of typical mistakes to avoid if you want your review to appear on Google.

  • You’ve included a link in your review.
  • The reviewer is an employee of yours.
  • Your same review exists elsewhere on the web (Yellow Pages, Yelp, a testimonials page on your website, etc.)
  • Your review count is disproportionate to or more than that of the majority of companies in your sector.
  • You’re giving incentives to those who post evaluations for you.
  • You reasoned that engaging a low-cost SEO business to write reviews on your behalf would be a brilliant idea.
  • The review was written using the same IP address as other people who have left you reviews.
  • The reviewer is a manager of your Google My Business listing.
  • The reviewer is logged into the same IP Address or computer as the one used to maintain your local business listing.
  • You’ve asked everyone you know to submit a review, and it’s occurred quickly.
  • The individual reviewed you has never written a review and has never had any activity on their Google profile before or after their review.
  • The individual attempted to publish a review for you on many occasions on various days.
  • The individual who evaluated you has also reviewed several other companies using the same name.

How Did My Google Review Get Lost In The Shuffle?

They are no longer visible as a consequence of recent modifications to Google’s review filtering algorithm. Google started censoring reviews extensively recently.

The issue with Google is that they are constantly developing, and what you see now may vanish tomorrow just to reappearance a few weeks later.

How Can I Access All oF My Google Reviews?

  • Take control of your reviews
  • Open Google Maps on your PC.
  • In the upper left-hand corner, click the menu.
  • Please choose your contributions. To see the locations for which you have left reviews, click Reviews. To receive recommendations for review locations, click Contribute.
  • To share a review, hit Share at the bottom of the review.

How Can I Resolve The Issue That Google Won’t Display Search Results On Android?

To resolve the problem that Google won’t display search results, follow the below steps:-

  • Restart the device. 
  • Examine your Internet connection.
  • Re-add the Search Widget.
  • Restart the Google App.
  • Clear the Google Apps cache.
  • Disable the Google App.
  • Update the Google App.
  • Safe Mode should be started.

Is It An Opportunity If Your Google Reviews does Not Appear?

However, rather than seeing a Google review disappear, GMB users should consider it an opportunity to get additional reviews from fresh consumers by taking advantage of this situation.

According to data from customer reviews, a significant reason for consumers aged 16-34 to establish faith in a company is because of favorable ratings and reviews, according to data from customer reviews, and more than 92 percent of customers will use online reviews to influence their purchasing choices in the future.

Is It An Opportunity If Your Google Reviews does Not Appear
Is It An Opportunity If Your Google Reviews does Not Appear

In other words, customer reviews are a significant component in increasing revenue and client retention.

Businesses may create more reviews by continuing to solicit input and enhancing the customer experience. Businesses may also employ software to monitor every review that comes from Google users, which may help them improve their rankings on Google.

How Can I Resolve The Google Search Engines Inability To Function Appropriately In Chrome?

  • Chrome should be uninstalled with the option to erase browsing data selected. After that, reinstall Chrome.
  • Following that, troubleshoot Chrome’s crash issues.
  • More Settings should be opened.
  • Click Advanced at the bottom.
  • Turn off “System” When hardware acceleration is available, use it.
  • Chrome should be restarted.

How Can I Locate The Link Of My Google Review?

Locate the “Customers” section and choose “Reviews.” On the top-right corner of the screen, tap the “Share” symbol. The short name URL will then be shown. Take a screenshot of the URL, which you may subsequently share with consumers. 

Why Isn’t My Company Listed On Google?

The most frequent reason your company does not appear on Google Maps is that it lacks location authority. If your Google My Business listing (location) does not have location authority, you must be near or immediately at your business location to display in Google Maps.

How Can I Access My Google Reviews Mobile?

To get my Google reviews mobile, open the Google Maps app and scroll down to Contribute. On the resulting screen, tap See your reviews. On the next screen, a list of your previous reviews will show.

Why am I Unable To Exit Google Review On My iPhone?

On an iPhone, the only option to leave a business review is via the Google Maps app. It implies that unless your company has an authorized marker in Google Map Maker, you will be unable to get ratings from an iPhone.

What Are the Issues with Your Google My Business Listing?

A Google review that does not appear may result from changes to or difficulties with a GMB listing. In certain instances, you may be able to rectify the matter on your own. However, there are occasional instances when reviews do not display due to internal GMB platform updates.

How Do I Take Control oF My Google Reviews?

Google will remove any review that deviates from the product or is too personal. Apart from that, anybody may post a review on a product or service. You may manage your Google reviews using Google Maps or Google My Business.

If you look for how to edit a Google review, you’ll discover that only the person who wrote it can amend, amend, or remove the review. The following sections detail how to use Google Maps and Google My Business on a PC and a mobile device.


Google Maps 

  • Utilizing a computer
  • Navigate to google
  • Enter your business’s name here. Enter or click on search.
  • Select Reviews.
  • If you like to respond to a review, click reply and provide the necessary information.

On a mobile device

  • On your device, launch the Google Maps application.
  • Use the search bar to enter your business’s name; alternatively, press the three horizontal lines in the upper left.
  • Click on your Business Profile.
  • Select Reviews.
  • Tap’ Reply’ on a review to which you want to respond.

Utilization of Google My Business

On mobile devices
  • Using a computer
  • Sign in at
  • To browse individual listings, select the ‘Reviews’ link in the left menu.
  • Once you’ve read a review and want to contribute through a comment, click respond.
  • Type your comment and then click ‘Post response.’

On mobile devices

  • Launch the Google My Business application.
  • Select Customers, followed by Reviews.
  • When you reach a review to which you want to respond, touch on it to pick Complete composing your answer and click ‘Send.’

Any answers are available in the public domain as being from your company. Additionally, they may not appear instantly.

The reviewer is alerted that you have answered. They have the opportunity to read the response and, if necessary, modify their review information.


Remember, the unique approach to raise your Google My Business reviews organically is gradually, consistently, and steadily, and it is the only way to win the race. Hopefully, you have now understood the need and process of how to see my Google reviews.

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